Story two

Md. Shahedul Islam is from Rangpur, the north western part of Bangladesh. When he was 3-4 years old, he became handicapped after an accident. He is married to Monowara Begum.   He is the only earning member in his family and he earns BDT14000 Tk. per month. Even though he earns a little, Mr. Islam has always tried to live in peace and dignity with his family. In fact, he was having a perfect happy life with his wife Monowara, but things changed drastically when their first baby son Mostafizur Rahman was born.

Mostafizur was born with cleft lip and palate. He did not look like a normal baby and so everyone was shocked after seeing him. He, along with his parents, was socially humiliated. According to his father, Md. Shahedul Islam , “everybody accused my wife of such unexpected incident. Everyone teased us. It was very disappointing to me.” People started calling him “lip cut Mostafiz”.

Before operation


After operation

One day,  Mostafizur’s parents heard about The Smile Train Center at CARe Medical College Hospital Dhaka. They came to know that their baby son can be cured through surgery, and that surgery is free of cost. They became extremely excited, and took their baby to the nearby hospital where The Smile Train Center was providing free surgeries.

Mostafizur Rahman went through two surgeries, one was in 2014 based on Lip Repair, and another in 2015 for Palatoplasty. After these snuggeries, he was completely cured.

His parents couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their baby after surgery. They never had been to any local doctor or hospital because they did not have any hope for their child. But Smile Train did what they could not even dream of. Md. Shahedul Islam cried out of happiness.

As time passed by, Md. Shahedul Islam and his family retrieved the lost dignity. They are no more ignored and insulted; they are accepted and respected by everyone in their society. The surgery not only brought them a physical change, but also a huge mental peace and satisfaction. As Mr. Islam says, “surgery changed my child’s name.  He was ‘Lip Cut Mostafiz’, now he is ‘Mostafiz”.

Happy Family with Mostafiz