Story Three

More than Smile a Family…….

Sadia Akter is one of the three children of Mostafa Molla – an Auto-Rickshaw Driver and Shirin Akter- a housewife from Dohar Upazila under Dhaka district. Sadia was born with left sided cleft lip in 12 April 22009. More unfortunately, her other twin siblings – Imam Uddin and Abu Hanif were also born with Bilateral cleft lip, alveolus and palate with protruded premaxilla in 25 June 2016 after 7  years of Sadia’s birth.

When Sadia was born her parents and relatives became shocked and couldn’t find any clue behind her deformities. They thought it could be a punishment by the God and this deformity is not curable. They got very upset about the future of the baby girl. Sadia became isolation from the family members and got neglected and mocked by close relatives. Most shockingly, she got bullies and rejection from neighbors and was not allowed to play with other children. Meanwhile, her parents consulted a pediatrician regarding cleft lip surgery but when they collected information from different hospitals regarding surgery cost, they got very frustrated. The found the surgery cost is very high and beyond their affordable limit.

One day, they came to know from a neighbor that Smile Train-USA provides free surgical treatment to the cleft lip patients in Bangladesh. It was the last hope for Sadia’s parents. They brought the baby girl to Smile Train partner hospital at CARe Medical College hospital, Mohammadpur, Dhaka for operation purpose. After the operation her cleft lip was repaired and her parents got satisfaction with the aesthetic improvement of the little girl. Sadia’s parents got full confidence about the surgical team and the quality of surgery. Sadia and her family members thanked Smile Train for bringing back new smile at her lip. Sadia’s younger twin siblings are waiting for surgeries with the same surgical team and partner hospital.