Story Four


Happy Mother with Shifa

Shifa’s Smile and can’t believe miracle changes

Life is not life without delight- a favorite quotation of Rabindranath Tagore. But, this delight of life is missing for the cleft lip and palate affected Children. Although they are not responsible for this congenital anomalies but throughout the life they have to bear these consequences. There are approximately 200,000 cleft lip and palate patients in Bangladesh amongst the total population of 160 million. The majority of these patients can hardly afford basic surgical repairs and cleft related services.

Before Surgery

Israt Jahan Shifa is one-and-a-half-year-old girl from Uzipurpur upazila under Barisal district. She was born with left sided unilateral cleft lip, alveolus and palate. She was unable to speak coherently. Her father Md. Altaf Hossain- a Rickshaw Puller and mother Sharmin Akter- housewife got married without the consent of their parents. So, after the birth of the child they showed their reluctance to bear any responsibility. Making the matter worst, the neighbors started blaming the baby girl as a curse of God.

Meanwhile, Shifa’s father started neglecting the baby and her mother due to deliver a cleft child. He stopped taking careof the girl and was very reluctant to provide baby’s food and treatment. At that time, Shifa’s maternal uncle extended his helping hand. He took all the responsibilities of the baby girl and started searching to find out a suitable hospital where Shifa’s operation can be done in free of cost. Once he got a detailed information from his relative who is live in Dhaka about Smile Train Care Medical College Hospital cleft project. He brought the baby to the hospital along with mother on 23rd February 2016.  for first operations. Shifa got three operations (lip, palate and fistula). After the third operation her cleft lip and palate got repaired and get rid of measurable life permanently. This was truly life changing for the baby as well as her mother

Happy Shifa

Before the operation people stared at her as if she was an animal of zoo but after the operation when she was taken back to home people’s reaction got changed drastically. Neighbors and relatives reacted with astonishing eyes as if her mother replaced the baby with a new one- Shifa’s mother mentioned with a tearful eyes.Shifa and her mother is grateful to Smile Train for giving back new life and new smile permanently.