Programmatic Goal and Strategies

Program Goal-1: Demonstrate effective, comprehensive and sustainable model of intervention for cleft lip and palate children in Bangladesh 

  • Scale up comprehensive & sustainable treatment services model integrating cleft lip, cleft palate, craniofacial surgery.  
  •  Functional and learning allies with Government, NGOs/CBOs, private sectors, & other institutions.
  • Capacity building of health service professional through effective formal and on the job training. 


Program Goal-2: Scale up comprehensive & integrated speech therapy after cleft lip and palate as well as craniofacial surgery of children 

  •  Grounding holistic, responsive, sustainable, and pro-poor programs with special   focus to cleft lip and palate treatment.
  • Increase coverage and access to comprehensive speech therapy among target group.
  • Increase family, community awareness about speech therapy and different child anomalies.


Program Goal-3: Increase level of education, health awareness and provide adequate services among children, adolescent, young and adults 

  •  Inclusion mother health especially for pregnant women in Bangladesh.
  • Access of general health services to the poor people specially employed and unemployed women.
  • Health education including nutrition edification to adolescent and young and adults.


Program Goal-4: Strengthen community involvement and mobilization and ensure responsiveness of government and other stakeholders towards effective services to mother and children

  • Make sensible to government, non-government and civil society to act and contribute for ensuring mother and child health anomalies.
  • Socially and economically marginalized people specially women empower enough to participate in decision making process and contribute to reduce gender based violence at all level, sigma & discrimination. 
  • Community mobilization through ensuring women solidarity, men participation, enhances capacity and income generation.
  • Upholding rights & social coherence of socially marginalized people and reduce legal barrier, human rights violation, stigma & discrimination.
  • Networking and alliance with different Government , non-government and private organizations


Program Goal-5: Secure the long term viability and sustainability of CHAF

  • Establish a resource center to make skill and knowledgeable human resources.
  • Capacity building effort for CHAF staff on organizational development, good governess, leadership, financial management.
  • Establishment of Primary health care center including HTC (HIV Testing and Counseling), medicine shop, child and mother care hospital, crisis care center etc.
  • Networking and alliance with different Government, non-government and private organizations including Department of Youth Development (DYD).