You are most welcome to be member of CHAF.

The membership of the Foundation shall consist of:-

General Members: --

Such individuals who may be admitted from time to time and whose names entered in the register of Members including such individuals who sign the Memorandum of Association of the Foundation shall be considered as General Member. Each General Members shall pay monthly fee of Taka 100.00 (One Hundred Taka only). General Membership of the Foundation shall be limited to persons including founder members and would be admitted by the Executive Committee (from amongst the citizens of Bangladesh) who, in the promotion of the objectives of the Foundation.

Life Members:--

Any person who will be interested in the activities of the Foundation and not hindered by law or the constitution of the Foundation may be enrolled as Life Member on payment of a minimum donation of Taka 10,000/- (Ten thousands) only.


Individuals of excellence of their own or Association or Society or Foundation or bodies or persons of eminent position may be included by the Executive Committee without voting rights.


Volunteer Members:--

Enthusiastic individuals committed to fulfillment the objectives of the Foundation may be included by the Executive Committee to become Volunteer Member without voting right. No admission Fee will be required.

The Foundation shall maintain a register of members which shall be open to inspection, on any working day office hours between 9.30A.M. and 4.30 P.M. at the office of the Foundation, by the Members and /or Officers on payment of such fees and upon giving such notice as may, from time to time, he prescribed by the Foundation in this behalf.

Each General Members of the Foundation shall be entitled to one vote.

No member of the Foundation whose subscription dues are in arrears shall be entitled to vote.

Any member failing to pay the arrears due for two consecutive years shall lose his or her membership.

So much of the  funds of the Foundation as may not be wanted for immediate use , or to meet the usual accruing liabilities shall , in the discretion of the Executive Committee, be invested in any of the following:-

  1. In government saving securities and bonds
  2. In bank deposit
  3. By any such means

The amount to the credit of any special fund shall be used by the Executive Committee only for the specific purpose therein mentioned and not otherwise.