At a glance Achievements over the years

Clefts Lip and Palate Surgery

 From the inception of CHAF around 5205 clefts lip and palate surgery have been done with free of cost with the financial support of Smile Train Inc. USA till March


       Before Surgery                                    After surgery

Health screening and treatment to garments workers

CHAF has gathered significant level of experience and knowledge about health screening and health care services among garments factory workers Corporate offices like Dhaka bank ltd, Prothom alo, Community people like rickshaw pullers, etc. Towards understanding about disease burden and to provide health care services among the garment workers CHAF established an effective linkage between the in-house clinics and nearby state and non-state health facilities at Gazipur and Dhaka. During the five months project period CHAF has done data collection and basic investigation of 6000 garment workers of different factories.

Vascular and other Congenital anomalies

Over the year CHAF has been done 150 vascular and 100 congenital anomalies advice, treatment and surgery with free of cost.


Post burn deformity

CHAF has expertise and facilities of post burn deformity service. Last couple of years CHAF has been successfully done 35 post burn deformity surgeries with the support of Rotary Club of Dhaka Metropolitan.

Networks and Collaboration

Child Health Awareness Foundation (CHAF) has developed an excellent and effective networks, collaboration and referral mechanism with different organizations and health care settings in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Khulna, Barisal, Kusthia , Dinajpur,, Rangpur and Cox’sbazar. Through this networks and collaborations CHAF is able to provide any kinds of health services, cleft lip-palate and any other craniofacial anomalies surgery by expert surgeons in Bangladesh.


Present Funding Partners

  • Smile Train Inc USA
  • Health And Education For All (HAEFA), USA
  • Rotary Club of Metropolitan, Dhaka and other clubs
  • Subscriptions of members


Child Health Awareness Foundation (CHAF)

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