About us

Child Health Awareness Foundation (CHAF) is a charitable, not-for-profit NGO of Bangladesh based in Dhaka with the mission of providing service to poor children with any anomalies in Bangladesh with an aim to extend work outside the country. It has been operated since 2007  with joint collaboration of Rotary Clubs, focuses on providing free treatment of cleft children and also Child Health related awareness programs and training to doctors and medical professionals and side by side to help in general education and programs to improve nutritional status of children. We provide service to mothers also as healthy will give birth healthy children. It has so far provided more than 2000 free treatments through different organizations and hospitals throughout the country. We are using technology including software-based electronic medical record (EMR) management to increase efficiency.

All diseases and anomalies cannot be prevented, all cannot be cured but we can give care to all.

Leadership: It is an organization of socially enthusiastic peoples who wants to serve humanity by serving the poor underprivileged children and their mother. Executive committee is accountable to general committee.

Legal Status:           Registration from Joint Stock companies and firms

                                   No. S 5831 dated 30th May 2011.

                                  NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh

                                  No. 2778 dated 1st April 2013

Vision of CHAF:      Our aim is to provide service to all diseased children properly including preventive care, treatment, palliative care and   rehabilitation. 

Mission of CHAF:

  • Free treatment of underprivileged children
  • Health awareness program.
  • Maternal and Child Health Care service
  • Child education
  • Seminar symposium regarding Child and maternal Health
  • Research regarding Child and maternal Health
  • Publication of scientific book, journal and research papers regarding child and maternal health.

Goal of the organization: Multiple problem one goal – Cure or Care, To promote over all wellbeing of children.

All Children Deserve A Normal Life.

Core Values:  CHAF has defined its values that would guide the organization in pursuing its mission. These are the underlying principles and beliefs that would direct staff in carrying out CHAF’s activities.

  • Honesty and integrity                                                
  • Respect for self and society
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Non stigmatisations and non-discrimination
  • Equality for all
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Discipline


CHAF  does not work in isolation given the dynamics of its target group whose needs are rather enormous. We have thus established a referral system with different local and international organizations like BRAC (Bangladesh), Spreeha (USA), Smile Train inc. (USA), etc.

Donors Of CHAF:

  • Smile Train Inc, USA
  • BRAC Bank
  • Individual donors.

Achievements of CHAF:

  • About 500 cleft surgeries.
  • More than 15 free medical camps.
  • Health awareness programs.
  • Publication of books.
  • Arrangement of Seminars.

Future plan of CHAF:

  1. Emergency health support to any disaster.
  2. Epidemiogical study of congenital anomalies in Bangladesh.
  3. Organization of different health camps including Plastic Surgery Camps (Cleft lip and Palate, Post Burn contractures), vascular anomalies (Hemangioma) in children, health awareness camps, general health camps, etc in various area of Bangladesh including Chittagong Hill Tracts and other remote areas.
  4. Organization of health education camps in different schools, colleges, important public places and localities of Bangladesh.
  5. Publication of Books, Journals, Health bulletins etc.
  6. Establishment of a fully fledged vascular anomaly center with its branches in different govt. and non-govt. hospitals with permission of respected authority in collaboration with local and foreign donors.
  7. Establishment of a fully fledged cleft care center/program with its branches in different govt. and non-govt. hospitals with permission of respected authority in collaboration with local and foreign donors.
  8. Establishment of Mother and Children Hospital with a target to treat the “whole child” with comprehensive, total rehabilitative care.

EC Members :



Prof. Dr. Shamim Ara Khan Chowdhury

Vice Chairman (Finance)


Syed Mahbubur Rahman

Vice Chairman (Program)


Md. Mostafizur Rahman

Executive Director


Prof. Dr. Bijoy Krishna Das

Executive Member


Prof. Dr. Md. Rezaul Islam Firoz                                                                 



Md. Golam Moula



Dr. Md. Imrul Hassan Warsi

We want our mission to be yours.







Dhaka, Bangladesh

Chairman & Co-Founder

Ruhul Abid

Executive Director& Co-Founder

Bijoy Krishna Das